Redland teeth whitening

Redland Teeth Whitening

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Common causes of teeth stains in Redland

Redland teeth whitening
Redland teeth whitening

Remember when you used to have white teeth? Unfortunately, there are common causes of teeth stains that have led to you having a smile that is discolored, yellow, or even brown. The good news, though, is that at the office of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA, we are committed to turning that around. Get your smile back, and do so quickly and safely, with results that can last from a year up to several with proper maintenance.

Most stains are due to foods, beverages, and tobacco, or some combination of them. Tobacco stands at the very top of the list, and this is true even if you vape instead of smoke. This is not to say that coffee and tea are not an issue, because they most certainly are. You may start your morning off with one or the other, and many people drink them, both in hot and iced form, throughout the day. Red wine and cola are also culprits in the staining of teeth. Some of the typical foods that lead people to our Redland teeth whitening are curry, soy sauce, hard candy, and berries. Yes, even the nutritional fruit is not a friend to your teeth. One other cause is tetracycline, a prescription antibiotic that has teeth staining as one of its side-effects. Our Redland teeth whitening can be done at our office, or you can get our handy take-home version instead. The outcome is going to be equally impressive, but doing it at home produces results more gradually, whereas as done by our cosmetic dentist, it only takes about an hour or less.

Why wait to get your bright smile back? Simply reach out to our office right now and arrange a convenient time to come in for our Redland teeth whitening. You deserve it, so treat yourself.

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