Redland gum disease

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Gum disease treatment in Redland

When your gums are red, irritated, or are showing signs of inflammation or infection, you are suffering from Redland gum disease, but how does it occur, what prevents it, and what is used to treat it? Those are questions we’re about to answer. Here at the dental practice of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA, your gum health is a high priority for us.

Gum disease treatment in Redland

The source of Redland gum disease is dental plaque, the filmy bacteria that grows on your teeth and that can also be found between your gums and teeth. The unpleasant taste and breath you have when you wake up in the morning, along with that coating that you can feel on your teeth, are all examples of how you can sense the presence of dental plaque. When it remains in your mouth for too long, it hardens and becomes crusty, which is then known as tartar. Together, they go to work on your gums. The early stage is gingivitis, and that’s where irritation and redness are evident. The good news is that all you should need is a teeth cleaning at our office (or two) to reverse the effects. So how does Redland gum disease become advanced? That stage, called periodontitis, is often marked by symptoms like bleeding when you brush your teeth, receding gums, and persistent bad breath, regardless of the time of day. Irritation gives way to inflammation. This can occur at a normal pace, as with chronic periodontal disease, or much faster, as with aggressive periodontal disease. Underlying conditions and diseases can hasten the progression. A periodontal cleaning, deeper than a teeth cleaning, is needed before infection sets in, and you end up losing gum and bone tissue, and maybe teeth.

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