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Dental trauma in Redland

The jarring force of an accident or injury can cause the loosening of one or more teeth from their sockets. That’s an unsettling occurrence, and whether the tooth has come completely free or not, you need prompt expert care to repair the damage. And the more quickly you contact our Redland dental office, the better the odds are that the outcome will be positive. Here at the practice of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA, we are committed to urgent care for our valued patients just like you.

There are two states that your tooth can be in after dental trauma. It can be dislodged, meaning that the tooth is still physically connected to the socket; or it can be avulsed, in which the tooth is no longer attached at all. Taking the proper measures in each instance is crucial. First, call our Redland dental office or have someone else call on your behalf. This will allow us to be prepared for your arrival, as well as make sure that you get the guidance you need. For a dislodged tooth, see if you can push it gently back into place. And for an avulsed tooth, maintaining moisture is key. So place it in warm water with a pinch of salt or in a container of milk and bring it with you. When considering only dental injuries, you should avoid hospital emergency rooms because they are unlikely to have either the equipment or the personnel to help you. Our Redland dental office, on the other hand, is ideally suited to do so.

It’s not always possible to save a tooth that has suffered a traumatic injury, but every reasonable effort will be made in that effort. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. And keep our number programmed in your phone for easy access.

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