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Dental Office in Redland

Dental Bleaching in Redland

Dental office in Redland

Dental office in Redland

Have you decided that you want to improve the look of your smile? Perhaps the most cost-effective way to improve the overall appearance of your smile is with dental bleaching. Many patients come to our dental office in Redland, Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA, in order to have their teeth whitened and brightened.

Having a whiter and brighter smile gives many people more confidence as they go through their day. Since teeth naturally yellow with age, having a whiter and brighter smile often serves to make a patient appear to be more youthful. Today there is no reason not to have your teeth whitened, since tooth whitening is a very reasonably priced and safe way to greatly improve your overall appearance. Generally, there are two different ways patients can have their teeth whitened. There is an in-office teeth whitening procedure which allows our patients to have their teeth whitened while they spend an hour relaxing in our dentist’s chair. This type of tooth whitening procedure is very dramatic as results are immediate. Our patients can also purchase an at-home tooth whitening system. Some patients enjoy the fact that they can have their teeth whitened in the privacy of their own home at their leisure. Another benefit is that patients are able to stop the tooth whitening procedure when they feel they have brought their teeth to the desired level of whiteness. When you come to our dental office in Redland for teeth whitening, our dentist, Dr. Robert Cuckler, will first want to meet with you to determine if there are any problems which may emerge after your teeth are whitened. If a patient has porcelain veneers or tooth-colored composite fillings on front teeth, you may need to have adjustments made since whitening solutions only work on natural tooth enamel and have no effect on porcelain or composite materials.

If you are interested in having dental bleaching performed at our dental office in Redland, contact us today.

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