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Are you tired of worrying about the look of your smile due to the appearance of your dental fillings? Metal fillings can be truly detrimental to the appearance of your smile. Not only do they hinder you cosmetically, but they can actually cause harm to the health of your teeth and even the wellness of your body as a whole over time. Fortunately, metal fillings today are being made a thing of the past. With the latest advances in dental technology you can have your fillings replaced with beautiful metal-free fillings that are not only more natural in appearance, they’re also healthier too. If you are tired of thinking about your metal fillings when you smile, visit your local Homestead dentist at the offices of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA and ask our welcoming staff how new composite fillings can be the perfect fit for you.

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Cosmetic Dentist 33030

Metal fillings are more than just a cosmetic hindrance, they can actually be an oral health nuisance for the smile and the body as a whole. Many of us up for amalgam fillings, as they are the most affordable and can be made easily using a composite mix of multiple types of metals. While this encourages a strong and lasting fit for your cavities, especially in areas of the mouth which put out the most bite forces, these metals often also contain mercury, which can slowly poison the body and cause untold side effects over time. Not only do metal fillings contain harmful mercury, metal fillings are also wrought with problems due to their physical aspects as well. Metal will swell and shrink with rises and falls in temperature, which may not seem like much in the warmth of our mouths, but this can occur as easily as with enjoying an extremely hot or cold food or beverage. Over time this amount of shrinking and swelling can create gaps around the filling that allow for the cavity to continue to grow and can even result in a root canal infection. For these reasons our fully licensed and professionally trained team at your trusted Homestead dentist are always happy to replace your out of date metal fillings with healthier and more attractive metal-free alternatives.

With metal-free fillings not only can you insure a healthier smile, you can also receive a more attractive appearance. With composite fillings from your professional Homestead dentist your fillings can be tooth colored to perfectly match the natural appearance of your smile, all while effectively treating your cavities to stop tooth decay from causing further harm to your teeth. Their metal free make-up means you never have to worry about mercury or other problems. You can find a wide range of composite and other tooth-colored and metal free dental fillings at the state of the art practice of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA.

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