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Have you been recently diagnosed as needing dental fillings to treat the cavities in your smile? If you have booked an appointment for dental fillings, or have received fillings in the past, your mouth may need more care than you realize. Dental work is made by your doctor to put up with the rigors and constant use of your mouth, but even the most advanced dental fillings can be subject to damage and complications over time or due to physical injury. Fortunately, you can receive the help you need to monitor your dental fillings and insure a beautiful smile for life with your local Homestead Florida dentist at the welcoming officers of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA.

Homestead Florida General Dentist

Homestead Florida General Dentist

While dental fillings can be brushed and cared for just as you would your own teeth, this is not the end of your commitment to your new dental work. It is very important for patients of any age and level of oral health to make checking their fillings for any sign of damage a part of their daily oral hygiene routine. Over the span of time, your dental fillings can become rough around the edges, causing the filling to become weak. When this happens, your filling can fail to stop tooth decay, and in some cases can actually work to accumulate plaque and spread decay in these areas of your smile. The breakdown of dental fillings is especially true of metal fillings. Many adult patients are concerned about the levels of mercury in amalgam fillings, when the truth is that the nature of the metal itself can make these fillings a problem for your mouth later in life. Metal has the unique property of actually shrinking and growing during changes in temperature. Over years of this problem occurring, this can cause the metal filling to become loose and allow for tooth decay to cause your cavity to grow once more. Keeping an eye on your fillings can work to insure that any problems are examined by your professional Homestead Florida dentist as soon as possible and stop further levels of tooth decay from causing any harm to your teeth.

Patients should always be sure to brush their teeth and fillings twice a day, as well as working to loss the region to remove any plaque that has begun to form. Your neighborhood Homestead Florida dentist can also recommend any additional products to help your teeth during your regular appointments. For the care you need to insure a beautiful smile and strong fillings for a life time, patients should always be sure to maintain biannual visits to the offices of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA. With the help of Dr. Cuckler you can enjoy beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

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