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Implant Restoration in Redland

Replace damaged teeth in Redland

Implant Restoration in Redland

Implant Restoration in Redland

If you have missing or damaged teeth that need to be replaced or fixed, you will want to come to our dental practice, Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA. At our dental practice, our expert dentist, Dr. Robert Cuckler, will examine your specific smile situation and let you know which the best way is to restore your smile. Whether you need implant restoration in Redland, or some other type of tooth restoration, our family dentist will be able to help you regain your beautiful smile.

Dental implants are now a very popular way for patients to have their missing teeth restored. Getting a dental implant involves having a titanium dental implant root inserted into your jawbone. A patient will receive one dental implant root for each tooth that is going to be restored. A patient can receive one or many different dental implants. Dental implants can also be used to secure removable bridges, or full dentures. If our dentist feels that implant restoration in Redland is the best way for you to have your missing teeth replaced, you will be referred to an implant specialist who will be able to perform the oral surgery and precisely place the dental implant root. Our dentist will then provide you with the beautiful porcelain tooth restoration that will sit atop, and be permanently attached to, the dental implant.

If you have one or several missing teeth in a row, you may also be a good candidate to get a porcelain bridge. A bridge is a tooth or teeth that sit between two attachments that will attach to permanent teeth on either side of the new porcelain tooth or teeth. This bridge can be either permanently attached to the adjacent teeth using porcelain crowns, or a removable bridge can be secured using dental implants. Our dentist will be able to let you know which type of situation he believes will work best for you. He will also be able to refer you to a dentist for implant restoration in Redland, and then provide you with the actual bridgework once the dental implants have become secured to your jawbone. Today there are many different ways for patients to have missing teeth replaced. If a tooth is damaged or unattractive looking, it may be able to be restored by our dentist using a porcelain crown. The only way to know which type of dental solution will work best for you, is to make an appointment at our office so that our dentist will be able to assess your individual situation. For an appointment to see our dentist, contact us today.

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Pediatric Dentist in Homestead

Homestead Dental Office

Homestead Children's Dental Care

Homestead Children’s Dental Care

Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA is a wonderful pediatric dentist in Homestead. He is highly-trained in working specifically with children. However, he also provides expert dental care for your entire family. Dr. Cuckler’s compassion, integrity, and dental skills make him a highly-regarded dentist in our community. He has been providing family dental care for over 34 years. Our state-of-the-art practice ensures that you will be provided the finest dental care using the latest techniques and equipment. Our practice specializes in preventive, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry.

When your child visits his or her pediatric dentist in Homestead, Robert Cucker, DDS, PA, he or she will enjoy the lighthearted and fun environment. This is important, as we want our young patients grow up learning that a trip to the dentist is a good thing, and that there is nothing to be feared. As adults, they will be much more likely to know the importance of regularly scheduled exams, and to always visit the dentist at the first sign of a dental problem. When a young child first visits Dr. Cuckler, the doctor will check all existing teeth for any sign of decay, as well as look for any potentially developing problems with the gums, jaws or oral tissues. If necessary, your child’s teeth may be cleaned, and it will be determined if he or she will benefit from a fluoride treatment. Parents will be educated about at-home dental care for children, so they in turn can help promote good brushing and flossing habits for their children.

When it comes to young dental patients, your pediatric dentist in Homestead, Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA sees imparting dental education as one of the most important things he can do. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to bring all their questions for Dr. Cuckler regarding dental issues. Topics you may want to discuss with Dr. Cuckler include: fluoride treatments; thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers; tongue thrusting; developmental milestones; how to help your child with teething discomfort; correct oral hygiene routines for your child; and proper nutrition from a dental perspective. Dr. Cuckler is dedicated to getting his young patients on the right road to have a healthy, beautiful smile, and good dental habits, for a lifetime.

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