Gum Disease in Redland

Get healthy gums in Redland

Gum disease in Redland

Gum disease in Redland

If you have gum disease in Redland, there will be opportunities for you to address it before it reaches an advanced stage. Dr. Cuckler would like to help you avoid having any gum disease at all, and with a good strategy of brushing and flossing combined with six month visits to our office, that can certainly be a reality. However, if gum disease does form, it is our goal to keep its worst consequences from affecting you.

The first stage of gum disease in Redland is known as gingivitis. All gum disease can be traced back to the impact of plaque and tartar, which cause irritation early on. With gingivitis, you may not even realize you have it. There could be some signs of irritation and redness, but perhaps nothing obvious. Nevertheless, it is essential to diagnose it before it has a chance to move on to the next stage. Fortunately, a simple teeth cleaning is typically enough to reverse gingivitis and start your gums back on the track to optimal health. If, however, gingivitis is ignored, moderate periodontitis, the next stage, will surely follow. Gums that bleed when you brush, receding gums, and persistent breath are possible symptoms, and ones that you will undoubtedly notice. At that point, the treatment for it is generally scaling and root planing, a more intensive form of cleaning that requires using hand scraping and/or ultrasonic tools to get down to the roots and get out the plaque, tartar, and bacteria at the center of the difficulties. Chronic periodontitis can bring with it the loss of bone and gum tissue and may even lead to the loss of teeth. Why risk these kinds of complications?

Gum disease in Redland can be avoided or at least stopped before it can cause major problems. Just be sure to call our office and book an appointment for your complete oral exam and teeth cleaning twice per year.

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