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Dental Implants in Homestead FL

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Dental implants in Homestead FL
Dental implants in Homestead FL

Getting our dental implants in Homestead FL is an exciting process that starts with a consultation and ends with you having one or more new teeth that look, feel, and perform like real teeth do. At the office of Robert Cuckler, DDS, PA, you can expect the utmost in experienced and expert care in every phase of the procedure.

When you first come in, our implant dentist will conduct a thorough examination, including essential testing that involves your jaw. Old-fashioned bridges and dentures are designed to give you some of the benefits of teeth, such as filling up the empty space that lost teeth have left, and giving you the ability to chew with greater efficiency. However, that’s where the similarities between them and your natural teeth end. They are surface solutions that begin and end on top of your gums. Our dental implants in Homestead FL go beneath the gum line, and are in fact anchored to your jaw. Once the testing shows that your jaw meets the requirements, the next step it to surgically place the titanium post that serves the role of a new root. Over the course of a few months, your bone tissue will grow around the post and fuse with it. Impressions are then taken for the formation of a tooth-colored crown. The dental lab will fashion it, and our dental implants in Homestead FL will be completed when the crown is cemented to the top of the post. Your new teeth can be depended on to feel normal to you, with speaking, laughing, and even chewing being free of problems. Even tough and crunchy foods are easy for you to eat.

Why not get started with your consultation and set the wheels in motion? Contact our office right now and let us schedule you to come in.

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